Hi! I'm Jen

Welcome to my home on the information superhighway

This is my personal homepage. It's where I share stuff that I think is cool or useful.

But before we get into that, here's a little bit about me:

I'm a Software Engineer by trade, but these days I do Developer Relations at Google. I get paid to help developers build cool stuff. I've worked on Google+, Google Glass, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, and (most recently) AR / VR.
Ice Hockey
I hike and bicycle, but skate sports are my favorite form of movement. I played roller derby for 8 years before retiring into a safer sport: ice hockey. Most of my hockey games are with NCWHL.
My true calling is education. I'm especially passionate about helping members of underrepresented groups discover the joy of software development. I think tech talks, workshops, and hackathons are awesome, but I also enjoy classroom teaching. I've taught software development classes at San Francisco State University, Xavier of Louisiana, and Dillard University.