Gacha Gameception

Original project proposal

A shamefully awful mockup. Sorry… I only had Gimp installed. It’s all I could do.

Gacha Gameception is a game within a game – Ingress interactions with this art installation cause the artwork to progress through it’s own game. For example, when the portal changes hands, the installation dispenses a prize. This prize may be a scavenger hunt clue. Participants submit responses to these clues, and prizes are given to two of the teams.

Project details

Ambiguity disclosure

You haven’t given us many details to go on yet. This leaves a couple of options: propose something concrete but boring, or propose something with less clarity but more interesting engagement.

I love interactive art, so I’m taking a risk and opting for the higher risk option. In other words, many features of this project depend on further details about the event and the Tecthulhu module.


Imagine a vending machine sitting in the woods. It looks normal, except for a mysterious blue glow. You walk up to it, and try to use it, but it will not accept your money. You whip out your scanner and notice it’s a portal. You capture it. The lighting changes to a green glow, and the vending machine starts to emit sounds. It’s working, but the game within a game has just begun: it dispensed a QR code.

Construction plan

  • It’s going to be built around a second hand capsule toy machine.
  • Expect cyberpunk LED illumination, featuring cool lighting effects. Specifics here depend on the kinds of signals that I can get form that Arduino module (e.g. can I tell how many resonators are on it? mods? is it involved in fields?)

Bill of materials

  • Vending:
    • A second hand old capsule toy machine, like this one
    • Some kind of microcontroller, probably an Arduino Uno (depending on specifications of the Tecthulhu module).
    • Some servo motors, to control the dispensing mechanism.
    • 250 printed QR codes, that provide one time use URLs for the scavenger hunt game.
    • 500 capsule machine capsules
  • Lighting:

Scavenger hunt game

  • Each clue will contain a feat, riddle, or puzzle that must be solved. Users will submit by scanning a QR code and submitting to a web application. Each clue can only be used once.
  • Upon submitting their first clue, players of Gacha Gameception will define their team. I’ll adjust rules governing team structure to reflect parameters of the event (once you share them). For example, teams could be a whole camp, or ad-hoc teams of 3 or 4.
  • We will create the clues on site, taking into account possible interactions with other art projects, surrounding terrain, and weather conditions.
  • Example of possible clues:
    • Build a human pyramid at least 3 levels high
    • Take a picture with the largest art installation on site, in a neutral (gray) state
    • Translate a glyph phrase
    • Go to these GPS coordinates… What kind of tree do you see?


  • There will be two prizes: one for the team that solves the most clues, and another randomly selected from all participating teams.
  • If team sizes are small, it’ll be mini drones (people love mini drones). If teams sizes need to be whole camps, it’ll be something cheaper, like cookies.

About the team

Team? Well, we’re actually a team of one so far…

Hi, I’m Jen! I was not planning to submit, but I saw that you extended the submission deadline, so I figured I’d give it a try. I haven’t had time to round up 19 friends yet…